Thursday, September 12, 2019

Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 15

Assignment - Essay Example However, they have to learn that they cannot have a perfect plan (Honig, 265). They have to keep trying in order to succeed in the life of business. The secret of effectiveness in any field lies within one’s ability to keep trying until he or she meets success. The timid cannot be a leader or a manager for the sake of argument because he or she has to call the shots, and without confidence they cannot do their jobs. The company named as Apple became the status symbol of innovation in recent years, and the secret lied in the culture of the company. The late CEO of the organization, Steve Jobs introduced the flatter organizational structure for the first in the era of tall organizations with the setup of command and control. The featured corporate leader always believed in the power of innovation, and he struggled thoroughly in order to construct the organization that valued innovative thinking. The company innovated at a product level by introducing newness at an organizational one first. The company brought second order change, and the first order followed the regime on its own. The innovation at an organizational level gave the employees freedom to think creatively and the managers at the company stayed available for their employees so that they can share their thoughts in a free environment (Young and Simon, 168). The company stated openly that it considers its human resources as the most vit al assets of all. The company focused on development of an urge to become better in the employees, and it paid off the Apple in the long run, but the chain of innovation broke recently because the leadership changed, and they tried to undo the development of Jobs that they do not understand and comprehend. The new leadership changed the organization, and destroyed it beyond recognition, and as a result, the turnover rates grew in all

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